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Home Activity Generator

Quickly generate activities for home learning.

Character Description Generator

Generate model text of a character of your choice.

Comprehension Test Generator

Generate comprehension questions from a text you provide.

Knowledge Generator

Create knowledge lists for topics or subjects.

Letter Writer

Quickly write letters in the style of your choice.

Review Your Writing

Upload a piece of your writing and have it checked for coherence and quality.

Wellbeing Support

Generate ideas to support you or a family member.

Word Mat Generator

Generate a list of useful vocabulary for any topic.

Carry on Writer

Inspire your child by continuing the writing of any text type.

Cloze Generator

Create cloze text on the subject of your choice

Concept Explainer

Generates explanations for any concept for children.

Emoji Algebra

Generate algebra questions, replacing variables with emojis.

Fix the Mistake

Generate a paragraph of text with SPAG errors for your child to correct.

Jingle Generator

Create a jingle to help children remember.

Maths Starter Questions

Generate a list of math starter questions.

Model Text Generator

Tell it what to write and what features to use to create a perfect model text.

Poem Writer

Quickly write a poem about anything in any style.

Rebus Generator

Write a story with emojis.

Recommended Reading

Generate book suggestions based on a child's likes and interests.

Repetitive Maths Practice

Generate a series of maths questions for children to practice.

Simplify Text

Simplify text for emerging readers.

SPAG Question Generator

Generate SPAG SATs practice questions.

Spelling List Generator

Generate spelling lists using certain rules.

Story Generator

Quickly generate stories to explain ideas or concepts.

True or False

Create a series of true or false statements around any learning objective.

Worksheet Generator

Generate a worksheet linked to a learning objective.

Riddle Maker

Generate riddles for your children to solve.

Outdoor Learning Ideas

Generate ideas and learning activities for your outdoor adventures.

Bedtime Story Creator

Help your child to sleep with our Bedtime Story Creator.

YouTube Video Analyser

Summarise and generate comprehension questions for YouTube videos.

WAGOLL Generator

Quickly generate a WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like) for your children.