How to Use our AI Tools

Our user-friendly, form-based AI tools are tailored to assist teachers and home educators in their daily activities. This guide will walk you through the process of using our AI tools effectively.

Tool Selection

Visit our Tools page to explore the range of AI tools available to you. Each tool is designed to address specific educational needs, from lesson planning and class activities to letter writing and poem writing. Take a moment to browse through the teacher planning, class, SLT & EYFS tools, or the home  educator tools, and see which of the tool sets aligns with your current requirements.

Sign Up for Free

After reading through this guide, create your free account to start accessing our free tools to get a feel for what to expect in our paid membership.

Accessing the Tools

You’ll need a paid membership to access the full suite of AI tools that best suit your needs. Once you’ve identified the tool you wish to use, simply click on its corresponding icon or link to access it. You’ll be redirected to the tool’s interface, where you can begin utilising its features to streamline your teaching and learning process.

Tool Interface and Form Inputs

Our AI tools are built with a simple and intuitive interface to ensure ease of use. You’ll be presented with a form containing relevant fields and options to input the required information. Carefully fill in the necessary details, such as lesson objectives, topics, assessment criteria, or any other relevant data as prompted by the tool. 

1. Choose Your Tool

Select the tool that will help you in your task.

2. Enter Your Prompt

Tell the tool what you want. 
Keep it simple and precise.

3. Submit

Wait a few moments and let our tool generate what you need.

Tool Functionality and Customisation

Depending on the tool, you may have additional customisation options available. Explore the tool’s functionality to make the most of its features. You may have the ability to adjust settings, set preferences, or modify parameters to suit your specific requirements.

Review and Confirmation

After filling in the form and customising the settings, take a moment to review your inputs. Double-check for accuracy and completeness to ensure optimal results. Once you are satisfied, proceed to confirm or submit the form to initiate the tool’s processing (the button will changing to a spinning icon as it begins to generate the response – this should take between 15-30 seconds to complete).

Results and Recommendations

Once the tool has processed your inputs, it will generate results, recommendations, or insights based on the provided information. Carefully review the outputs presented by the tool and utilise them to inform your teaching strategies, lesson plans, assessments or any other relevant areas of your educational practice.  If you wish, you can click the generate button again to regenerate the results.

Curriculum Changing

We use your IP address to estimate your location and country of origin, this allows the relevant curriculum to default to your account and work with the tools you access.  If the location isn’t accurate for you, and you need to change the default curriculum, you can do this under your profile page.

Beyond this Guide

Encouter difficulties, have questions, or need further assistance, contact Sparky, our 24/7 AI chatbot assistant on RockettAI then reach out directly or follow us on Facebook, join our AI for Teachers Community. We’re always updating and enhancing our AI tools to better serve you. Stay tuned for new features and improvements for an enhanced user experience.

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