RockettAI is excited to announce the launch of our new Senior Leadership Team (SLT) tools, designed to empower educators and elevate teaching experiences to new heights. These cutting-edge tools have been meticulously crafted to streamline various aspects of school leadership, making it easier for educators to focus on what truly matters – providing quality education.

What’s Included in the Package?

  1. Newsletter Writer:
    • Say goodbye to the hassle of drafting newsletters manually. Our AI-powered newsletter writer generates engaging and informative newsletters with just a few clicks, saving valuable time for educators.
  2. Collective Worship Creator:
    • Effortlessly plan and organise school assemblies with our Collective Worship Creator. Tailor your assemblies to resonate with students, fostering a positive and inclusive school culture.
  3. Sports Premium Planner:
    • Optimise your school’s sports programs with our Sports Premium Planner. Efficiently allocate resources, track progress, and ensure that every student benefits from a well-rounded physical education curriculum.
  4. Pupil Premium Planner:
    • Maximise the impact of pupil premium funding by utilising our Pupil Premium Planner. Strategically plan interventions, monitor outcomes, and enhance support for students who need it most.
  5. Difficult Conversations Made Easier:
    • Navigate challenging discussions with ease using our Difficult Conversations tool. Receive guidance on communication strategies, conflict resolution, and building positive relationships within the school community.
  6. Critical Friend:
    • Benefit from an AI-driven critical friend who provides constructive feedback and insights. Use this tool to enhance professional development, fostering a culture of continuous improvement among staff.
  7. Job Advert Creator:
    • Simplify the hiring process with our Job Advert Creator. Craft compelling job advertisements that attract top-tier talent, ensuring your school is staffed with the best and brightest educators.
  8. Interview Questions and Tasks:
    • Elevate your hiring process with a curated set of interview questions and tasks designed to assess candidates effectively. Ensure that your school is welcoming skilled and dedicated professionals.

Inclusive Membership Model:

Now, all these incredible SLT tools seamlessly integrate into every monthly or annual teacher membership at RockettAI. We firmly believe in empowering educators with essential resources, all while maintaining affordability and accessibility in professional development. In addition to this, we strive to eliminate significant extra costs associated with excellence in education.

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