Curricula Supported

Empowering Educators Worldwide

At RockettAI, our commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment extends across a variety of curriculums worldwide. Our AI tools are specifically crafted to support the teaching needs of teachers and home educators of primary/elementary aged children. Currently, the curricula supported includes:

United Kingdom

    • England: National Curriculum of England. Link.

    • Scotland: Curriculum for Excellence. Link.

    • Wales: Curriculum for Wales. Link.

    • Northern Ireland: The Northern Ireland Curriculum. Link.

Republic of Ireland

    • Primary School Curriculum in Ireland. Link.

United States

    • Common Core Standards. Link.


    • The Canadian Education System. Link.


    • The Australian Curriculum. Link.

New Zealand

    • The New Zealand Curriculum. Link.

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Why Choose RockettAI?

  • Teacher-Centric Design: We design tools specifically for educators, enhancing teaching methods and effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive Resources: From lesson planning to assemblies, we offer tailored resources for each curriculum.

  • Time-Saving Solutions: Our tools streamline tasks, helping educators achieve a better work/life balance.

  • Curricula Supported: Curricula across several countries with more to come in future.

Choose RockettAI as your teaching companion to unlock your educational journey’s full potential. Our platform, designed to empower educators in a globalised teaching environment, supports various curricula.

If you have any queries or requests please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Curriculum Changing

We use your IP address to estimate your location and country of origin, this allows the relevant curriculum to default to your account and work with the tools you access.  If the location isn’t accurate for you, and you need to change the default curriculum, you can do this under your profile page.