Advantages of AI

Reclaiming Your Work-Life Balance with RockettAI

At RockettAI we leverage the power of AI to empower educators and transform the teaching experience. Our suite of AI tools is carefully designed to enhance your role as a teacher, save you valuable time, and provide you with a diverse range of resources to support your teaching endeavours.  Let’s explore some of the advantages of AI.

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Advantages of AI

We understand the demands placed on teachers, which is why our tools are engineered to save you time. Our current estimates show that teachers can save between 6-12 hours per week by utilising our AI tools. Imagine having those extra hours to focus on meaningful interactions with your students, exploring innovative teaching strategies, or even enjoying some well-deserved personal time.

Ever-Expanding Suite of Tools:

Our suite of AI tools is continuously expanding to meet the evolving needs of educators like you. Currently, we offer a comprehensive range of tools, including 60+ teacher planning tools, class tools, EYFS tool, school leadership tools as well 25+ home educator tools, designed to cater to both your learning and administrative requirements.

Planning Tools

  • Lesson Planning: Streamline your lesson planning process with our intuitive tool.

  • Knowledge Organiser: Create comprehensive knowledge organisers in seconds, for any topic.

  • Report Writing: Generate comprehensive student reports efficiently, leveraging AI assistance for quick and accurate report writing.

  • Activity Generator: Access a vast library of engaging activities across various subjects and grade levels to enrich your classroom experiences.

  • Medium/Long Term Topic Planner: save time by generating your topic planner and overviews quickly and efficiently.

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Class Tools

  • Story Generator: Spark creativity in your students by generating unique story prompts to inspire their writing and storytelling skills.

  • Repetitive Maths Practice: Reinforce essential math concepts through interactive and adaptive practice exercises, ensuring students master key skills.

  • Character Questions: Immerse your students in history or literature by allowing them to ask questions directly to historical or fictional characters.

  • Worksheet Generator: Create customised worksheets tailored to your curriculum, saving you time and providing differentiated learning materials.

  • SPAG SATs Question Generator: quickly and easily generate SPAG questions for your pupils.

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Leadership Tools

  • Pupil Premium and Sports Premium Planners: Identify challenges and generate ideas on how to allocate your Pupil Premium and Sports Premium funding, review its impact and ensure sustainability.

  • Subject Leader Action Planner: prepare an action plan for your subject leaders.

  • Internal School Update Assistant: Prepare a staff update email for you. Save time by simply adding your key talking points, upcoming dates and friendly reminders.

  • Learning Walk Report Writer: Quickly prepare a written report for your learning walks including the focus of the walk, strengths and areas for development. A great time saver.

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We encourage you to give RockettAI a try and experience first-hand the advantages of AI and the positive impact they can have on your teaching journey. Start with a single tool, explore its benefits, and gradually integrate more tools into your practice. Embracing AI as a teaching ally can open up new possibilities, enhance student outcomes, and empower you as an educator.