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Advantages our AI tools bring.

Save Time

Our tools can answer questions on a wide range of topics, eliminating the need for extensive research. Our tools will also assist in lesson planning by generating ideas and suggesting activities. Above all, our tools will save you time and move you towards a better work/life balance.

Enhance Creativity​

Inspiring teachers with new ideas and perspectives. By engaging with the AI model, teachers can explore different approaches to teaching, generate innovative activities, or discover creative solutions to classroom challenges.

Continuous Professional Development​

Provide up-to-date information on educational research, best practices, and pedagogical approaches. Teachers can ask questions, seek guidance, and stay informed about the latest trends in education, thereby supporting their professional growth.

Personalised Learning Support

Offers explanations, answer questions, and provide additional practice exercises tailored to individual needs. This personalised assistance helps students grasp concepts more effectively and at their own pace.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Assist teachers in addressing the needs of diverse learners, such as students with disabilities or language barriers. By providing personalised explanations, adapting content, or offering alternative learning resources, our tools can help create a more inclusive learning environment.

Enhanced Communication Effectiveness

Our tools function as virtual assistants, always ready to offer information, respond to inquiries, and aid in administrative duties, helping to streamline processes already in place at your school.

How We Can Help You
How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

Our service can provide valuable assistance to teachers and schools by saving them time and supporting various aspects of their roles.  Here are several examples from our full suite of tools:

Lesson Planning
Story Generator
Report Writing
Activity Generator
Assembly Planning
Topic Planning
Policy Writing
Letter Writing
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Moving with the Times

Moving with the Times

We offer a suite of AI tools for teachers that can revolutionise the way you work. You can save precious time and effort as it acts as an assistant that answers questions, provides information, and assists with lesson planning. Beyond time-saving, it sparks creativity, supports professional development, and promotes inclusivity by catering to diverse learners.

Time and Cost Savings
Improved Use of Resources
Staff Workload & Wellbeing
Better Work/Life Balance
Advantages of AI >>>
Moving with the Times

Get to know RockettAI

RockettAI is an online platform designed to empower teachers by providing them with simple tools to harness the power of AI in their classrooms and at home.

AI can help teachers in several ways. It can automate routine administrative tasks, provide personalised learning recommendations, offer intelligent teaching support and generate lesson plans, activities, tests and much more.

No at all. RockettAI is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to teachers with varying levels of technical expertise. The platform provides simple tools and a user-friendly interface, making it easy for teachers to integrate AI into their teaching practices.

We suggest you start by checking the example prompts we place in each AI tool.  From there, experiment and see what results you can get.  If you aren't happy with the result either change your prompt or click the green button to regenerate the response.

Yes, we offer access to several tools as part of a free trial of RockettAI. You can explore the platform's features and functionalities before making a subscription decision.

Yes, RockettAI fosters a community of educators. You can collaborate with other teachers, share best practices, and exchange ideas through our social media group AI for Teachers Community.

No, and the tools we offer are not meant to replace teachers. Instead, they aim to augment and enhance teaching practices by providing innovative tools and resources. The role of teachers in guiding and supporting students remains vital.

Absolutely! We are always looking to add new tools and are very keen to hear from teachers/users and developing new tools for you. Suggest a tool.

Absolutely. If you are off work due to maternity/paternity leave or due to sickness please contact us and we can put your subscription on hold.  Let us know when you're ready to resume.

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